A REALLY LONG RIDE By Jessica Tucker

19 Hours,
A really long ride
To get to a place
Where Christ’s teachings have been denied.
Some of us are new
Others not so much
But we were all
Pushed by God’s touch
To go along for this ride
That goes beyond this bus.
We answered His call
He wanted us …
To help spread His Word
To see, touch & feel.
To bring His love
To help reveal …
Who He is
What He’s done
With the Holy Spirit,
God the Father and God the Son.
However, this really long ride
Has meant so much more to me
For words can’t describe how
It’s affected me personally.
Never ever in my life
Have I ever been so inspired,
For you guys have shown me love
I know will never go expired.
Everyone here has been so amazing,
I wish with all my heart
That you all could understand
That from the very start
I’ve been shown nothing but kindness
That’s been so true
We’ve only been together for a week
But I already love every single one of you.
For we are now a family
A bond formed from friends
Who are on this ride for Jesus
That never, ever ends.